Live and Uncut @ The Sewing Machine Factory

by Hope House

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released May 15, 2016

J. Randall: Vocals, Keyboards
Elijah Hennig: Guitars, Keyboards

Tracks one, three, and four written by: J. Randall
Tracks two and seven written by: Elijah Hennig and J. Randall
Track five written by: Elijah Hennig, Ryan Mazeppa, and J. Randall
Track six written by: Trent Reznor

Cover Photography by: Nicholin Cherrington
Mastered by: Elijah Hennig
Recorded by: Tiffany Walsh



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Hope House Edmonton, Alberta

Industrial out of the great white north, combining elements of ambient, electronic, grindcore/metal and other genres to form a unique blend of sound and emotion.

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Track Name: Created to Be Destroyed (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
Dear god
I pray to you
To strangle me with your cold dead hands
Until the light leaves my eyes

Life built up
Only to end
In a flash of light
Everything ends

Nothing lasts forever and all life must end
Worthless specks of dust in an endless configuration
No love or pain or fear to be felt beyond the void
Everything you know is created to be destroyed
Track Name: Harm (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
You lack compassion
You lack empathy
And in retrospective
You lack perspective

Your system of believing
Ignorant flag raising
Indoctrination from birth
Spreading yourself like a virus

Materialist, sadistic flaws
Hand in hand, reward in pocket
Assimilation for profit
Know your place or be destroyed

Ad nauseam
The cycle of poverty continues
The blame shifted from the powerful
Stepping on the weak

Sickening fetishism
Bringing harm to the people
Lynched and burned
Public spectacle of gore

Oblivious to the obvious
Or ignorance by choice
Fear and pain before your eyes
Too entertained to make a difference

Being a gear in the machine
life has no real meaning
Your authority is blasphemy
Your "values" don't mean shit to me
Track Name: Terrorcycle (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
We're living in a state of fear
The end of human life is near
The end of all life as we know it
Burned to the ground in a moment

Who's the real enemy?
Our friends and kin of different skin?
Or the policy makers and their sins?

The cycle of terror
Recycling error
The same old story
And we ignore it

The cycle of terror
Recycling error
Feeding on weakness
Residing in bleakness

Crooked windows
Portray the truth
The decimation
Left for our youth

Burn the cigars
Into their foreheads
Military action
From the government faction
Track Name: Workers' Comp./D-Press (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
I bust through the door
Like breaching with swat
My rifle is loaded
My barrels are cocked

Gonna blow you away
Gonna shut you down

I'm not taking prisoners
Every person's collateral
Don't give a shit that you're married
You don't give a shit about my life

Gonna blow you away
Gonna shut you down

My compensation
My reimbursement
My fucking severance
My fucking pleasure

I'll give you severance
When I sever your head
From your shit swallowing neck
You can kiss my ass in death

No police can stop me
It'll take a fucking army
Dispatch is time you haven't got
Thanks for nothing, thanks a lot

Gonna blow you away
Gonna shut you down
Track Name: Menarche (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
So young and beautiful
Bright skin so soft and smooth
Crawled into her guts
Fingers in the throat

Kill your rapist
Kill the man who made you bloom

cold to the touch
the full moon
sliced her father
Condemned the fodder

Kill your rapist
Kill the man who made you bloom
Track Name: Big Man With A Gun (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
I am a big man
Yes I am
And I have a big gun
Got me a big old dick and I
I like to have fun

Held against your forehead
I'll make you suck it
Maybe I'll put a hole in your head
You know, just for the fuck of it

I can reduce you if I want
I can devour
I'm hard as fucking steel, and I’ve got the power
I'm every inch a man, and I'll show you somehow
Me and my fucking gun
Nothing can stop me now

(Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot)
I'm going to come all over you

Me and my fucking gun
Me and my fucking gun
Track Name: Cloaks (Live at The Sewing Machine Factory)
I spoke to God, and he told me to burn alive
So I killed the non believers
Do I deserve to be crucified with my mother watching?
Moses spoke to God, he was a prophet
I spoke to God, now they're going to get me

I covered their cadavers with sheets in the grass
I can't take it, their gazes won't pass

Empty, cold, dark stare
The stench of iron in the air
Corpses cloaked in white
Bright, in the black of night